What is a Giclée?
Giclée is a high quality digital reproduction taken from a French term referring to "squirting" liquids. In art terminology, giclée applies to squirting microscopic ink droplets onto art materials such as canvas or watercolor paper using a computer-driven printing device for the purpose of art production or reproduction. To be a true giclée, the prints must be printed on art material (canvas, watercolor paper, etc.), be able to be printed at any size and use high-gamut, moisture-resistant, archival inks. Giclées are specifically targeted to being displayed in indoor lighting; generally bright, direct lighting, such as galleries or offices. Quality reproduction, color fidelity and long term archivability are major attributes.

How long will it last?
With proper care, Life-span estimates of giclée prints, printed with pigmented inks, by third-party testing run as long as 100 years without noticeable fading. You can find a number of reports on this on the internet.

How do I care for my Giclée?
Like any piece of fine art, your paper giclée should be matted and framed by a professional who uses acid-free, museum quality materials. Direct sunlight and direct moisture is not recommended for giclée reproductions or fine art originals.

What kind of paper is it on?
Sightly textured, matte finish, off-white or bright white watercolor paper. The papers may vary due to availability.

What is a limited edition?
A limited edition giclée reproduction is signed and numbered by the artist, and limited in number to the size of the edition. They may be embellished by the artist,as well. This is the reason limited editions are more expensive.

What is included in my giclée purchase?
Your giclée will be signed, and include a certificate of authenticity.

What do you paint with?
All my original paintings are watercolors.

Why don’t you have standard sized images?
I just cannot bring myself to create paintings in certain exact sizes. It’s a personal thing.

How is the giclée shipped?
Flat in an envelope, rolled in a tube, or, in the case of the canvas images, flat in a shipping crate.

Will you ship my item as a gift from me to someone, and include a gift card?
Of course! Please give me plenty of notice.

Will you fill a ‘rush’ order?
Perhaps, with an increase in price. Contact me for details.

How soon can I expect my product?
1–2 weeks for paper images.

Do you ship out of the country?
Yes, contact me for information on this.

Can I purchase originals from you?

How do I link my site to your site?
Ask me, and I will send you the information.

Is your website secure?